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Registered as a valid Cryptominingfarm Member.
See how to fill out the
form as shown below

Click REGISTER NOW, Examples of the form as shown in the picture below. Please fill in and complete.

Go to email. which you register, find email coming from CRYPTOMININGFARM, Press Activate Account, See an example like picture below:

Once activated, enter Username and Password, then PRESS Log in.

Press the Buy button, see the example image below:

Next, look at the picture below, see the GHS button, a minimum of 20 GHS up to 1 Million GHS. Likewise the contract duration from 3 months up to 99 years or Lifetime. Before you press the Buy Now button, choose an option for 2 things:

1) GHS Amount: 
GHS is the speed power for Bitcoin mining, a big GHS so increased Hasrate and Speed. When Hasrate is high and speed will be easier to get Bitcoin

2) Contract Duration: 
Likewise, the duration of the contract, if it takes longer time frame then a big percentage of the daily profit is earned.

However, in the CMF, all contractual terms from 3 months up to 99 years, remain profitable.

In short, the long-term contractual duration of the contract, as large as the daily gain is earned. So it's up to you to make a choice.

See an example of the picture below, after I finish making an option, then my choice is:
9340 GHS is the number of GHS I choose. 9340 GHS, the total bitcoin is 0.131099 BTC. So 0.131099 Bitcoin is equal to USD$958.449 orRM3,676.89. My preferred contract duration is 6 Months.

To facilitate budgeting how much Bitcoin is equal to USD / RM, can directly click XE CURRENCY CONVERTERor

After completion of choice, for GHS amount and Contract Duration, please press BUY NOW, you will receive an Invoice from CMF, an example image below:

You need Bitcoin to pay the deposit as mentioned in the above Invoice. You also need to have your own Wallet Account, to save Bitcoin, collect Bitcoin, receive Bitcoin payments from the profit from CMF, transfer Bitcoin to the accounts that are trading with you, buy Bitcoin easily and quickly and others.

Sign up now on the following website:
Click Sign up now

Click Sign up now

In the real world, you are certain to understand the Bank's functions and facilities, while in the virtual world REMITANO and LUNO work like the Bank. The only difference is to open an account at the Bank, you must be present at any bank branch, need to face a bank officer, need to bring Identity Card or Passport, fill out the form, need Biometrics, signature and others.

At Luno and Remitano you only need to register through the website, fill in the information yourself, complete what is required and most importantly your email and phone number verification.

Email and HP Number are two important bases for doing any online transaction, Bitcoin purchase transaction, transaction registration of any relevant site and most importantly is the key to security in your online transactions.

Luno's function:
1) Provide Personal Wallet Account
2) Personal Wallet Account used for saving Bitcoin, receive Bitcoin payments, transfer Bitcoin from Luno to Bitcoin payee sites.

Remitano's function:
1) Provide Personal Wallet Account
2) Personal Wallet Account used for saving Bitcoin, receive Bitcoin payments, transfer Bitcoin from Remitano to Bitcoin payee sites.
3) Become a Central Trustee that allows you to buy Bitcon easily and safely.

Once you've successfully opened accounts on Remitano and Luno, you'll need Bitcoin to pay for your account in CMF. The question is how can you buy Bitcoin in Remitano? 

Remitano will not allow you to buy Bitcoin if you have not already identified it. So you have to be ready to be identified by Remitano Party before you can buy Bitcoin. Remitano can identify your identity, by the way you need to provide some required photographs to be handed over to Remitano.

For vertices our identity, you need to start to press BUY NOW at Remitano. Please follow the steps of the process of online vertification and make sure you are ready for Snap Pictures required by Remitano.

NOTE: If you fail to buy Bitcoin at Remitano for any reason you are lazy in the vertices, you can get Bitcoin from us without you having to buy from Remitano.

The best chance of securing Bitcoin is easy and fast. Every day the amount of Bitcoin increases in your wallet account. Withdraw anytime can be done, provided minimum withdraw Bitcoin: 0.005 BTC. 

Sign up now to get free 50GHS, while promotion is still valid, No Registration Fee, deposit can be done later according to your willingness, what is best to do is sign up now....

Click Button Register Now

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